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Gibraltar IT Jobs

Jobs in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a British overseas territory located in the southern part of the Iberia peninsula of Spain. Gibraltar is often referred as “The Rock” and many English come here for the duty free shopping but also for starting a new life in the sun.

Many international companies operate in Gibraltar within professional environment similar to that of the UK. It offers a number of genuine work opportunities at the world's biggest international companies. Gibraltar has similar to the UK employment system, so all contracts are in English.


Areas of work

  • Gaming
  • Financial
  • IT
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Accountancy




Official language of Gibraltar is English. Due to Gibraltar's proximity to Spain most locals also speaking Spanish. However, because of the varied mix of ethnic groups which reside there, other languages are spoken on The Rock.


Reasons to move to Gibraltar


  1. Center of Online Gaming Industry (Several of the biggest names in online gambling have moved offshore to Gibraltar in recent years, including William Hill and Ladbrokes).
  2. Low taxes (no inheritance tax, no VAT, no capital gains tax and low income and corporation tax).
  3. British brands are all there, including Marks & Spencer, Bhs, Morrison and Mothercare.
  4. Great Britain with 300 days of sun with good law and order.




The working hours and working conditions are similar to the UK.  Typical working time from 9am to 6pm 5 days per week and 'summer hours' during July and August can be by 3.30pm each day. Salaries will depend on the organisation. As a guide the average wages in Gibraltar are typically 20% lower than in the UK. Basic positions, such as secretarial and administration vary from £12k to £17k and PA up to £25k. Specifically skilled roles IT positions command similar to the UK wages 25£k+.



There are 2 different types of Income Tax System in Gibraltar:

  • The simplified system of a gross tax system (so no real allowance structure).
  • A higher net (take home) pay tax system.

For more information and a tax calculator, you can visit the Gibraltar Government website.

Gibraltar is not income tax free!



Work Permit

Work permits can be issued to foreign nationals. There are different regulations for EU and Non-EU Nationals:


1. EU nationals

  • If you have a passport from an EU / EEA country then you can work in Gibraltar with no problems.
  • After staying more than 6 months in Gibraltar, EU citizens can apply and receive a 5-year renewable work permit.
  • Swiss nationals do not require a work permit for employment in Gibraltar.

2. Non-EU nationals

  • Need to apply for a work permit for Gibraltar, or work visa for Gibraltar, by application through the Employment Training Board (ETB).
  • Non-EU nationals are only eligible for work if there isn't a local resident willing to do the same job. For this reason a large proportion of the companies do not take the chance of trying to employ a non EU National unless it is for a specific and specialised role.
  • Various conditions will need to be met by the employer before approval may be granted for the issue of a work permit. A work permit is only issued for a period of 12 months and then it will need to be renewed.
  • Health care and Pensions are relatively standard and similar to those of the UK.




All residents of Gibraltar are entitled to health care. British citizens are treated for free. They just have to present their valid passport at the hospital. EU nationals must possess a valid European Health Insurance Card. If you work in Gibraltar, you are naturally paying social security and thus can use the healthcare system. You need to go to the Healthcare centre in the ICC building and register yourself and your family, so you can see a doctor. If you pay social security in Gibraltar you can transfer this to be able to use the healthcare system in Spain.



Renting an apartment in Gibraltar is possible, but fees are high.  Due to open borders you can save cost by living in Spain or near the frontiers. There are a number of small towns nearby, such as San Roque, La Linea, Santa Margarita or Alcaidesa. Depends on your budget and how far you wish to travel you can chose of living in Spain and safe money on cost but commuting to work across the border or living in Gibraltar and  pay higher rent but walking to work.


We are recruiting:

  • Senior Java Developers
  • Junior Front End Developer (PHP,  HTML5 & CSS)
  • Mid Level Front End Developer
  • Linux Platform Administrator
  • Release and Environments Executive
  • Cyber SOC Manager
  • Senior Java/J2EE Developer
  • eGaming Product Owner
  • Junior Java Developer
  • Marketing Data Analyst
  • Senior QA Automation Engineer    
  • Senior Cyber Security Incident Responder
  • System Analyst
  • Senior Data Warehouse Developer
  • Senior SAN Engineer
  • Back-End Developer
  • Front-End Developer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Senior Linux System Engineer Senior Automation Test Engineer (Java)
  • Ruby on Rails Developer
  • Technical IT Project Manager
  • Senior IT Network Engineer
  • Junior Technical Project Manager
  • Business Analyst Business Analyst (Software Development)
  • QA Automation Engineer Sportbook
  • Business Analyst Business Analyst (eGaming)
  • System Architect
  • IT Security Analyst
  • Customer Insight Analyst  Android Developer
  • Senior Front End Web Developer (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  • Magento Developer.