15 years of consulting in niche markets

Hiring Process for Client

Hiring Process of expat applicants:

  • Client provides RFQs to IC and IC source candidates follow the RFQs
  • IC send CVs of suitable candidates to the Client for shortlist
  • Once a candidate is shortlisted, the PM or sales person of the organisation can telephone call or Business Skype the shortlisted applicants.
  • Technical interview will then progress to satisfy all parties that the applicant has the skills needed and the language skills are excellent.
  • If a Candidate seems as a good fit the hiring process begins (subject to agreed terms with IC)
  • If the PM would like the End Customer to do the above, all parties mutually agree the interview time with the End Customer
  • Rates and Employment Terms are agreed between all parties
  • Purchase order is sent by the Client to IC 
  • IC and the Client sign the Engagement Agreement 
  • IC sign the Employment Contract with the Consultant
  • IC process on relocation process (travel, accommodation, Skatt Office registration) and visa (if applicable) for the Consultant 


IC provides Expats to relocate in full, we do not provide commuting consultants.

We work with Clients who have Supplier Agreements with  End Customers, as well as have own Supplier Agreements. 

We also reply to VMS requests.