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Iceland IT Jobs

Jobs in Iceland

Iceland has a growing industry for Data centres due to the low cost of renewable energy and its safe environment.  A very niche high tech platform for gaming app developments for the Nordic regions.  IT workers who want the calmness and coolness enjoy this location.Main sectors in Iceland are production industries such as agriculture and fishing, miscellaneous industries and services such as travel, financial and health services.


Languages:  Icelandic, however most of the population speaks very good English.



Reasons to move to Iceland

  1. It's a safe place.The country responded peacefully to an incredibly tough problem in 2008, with only a small amount of rioting.
  2. The country has a thriving arts and culture scene, especially considering it's just 300,000 people.
  3. The capital city, Reykjavik, is an exciting place, with lots of restaurants and bars open till 5 a.m. And it's not even that expensive anymore — the Krona is around the lowest it's been for 10 years.
  4.  And, yes, there are a lot of good looking people there.The country has also has some truly incredible and unique natural beauty.
  5. Iceland has become the leading expert in harnessing geothermal energy. Countries such as China are queuing up to learn the skills.
  6. The country also has a prime seat at the "Great Arctic Game," being a member of the Arctic Council and sitting in a prime position for new shipping routes.


Work Permit


EEA/EU Residents

  • EEA/EU country citizens may stay and work in Iceland without any special permit for up to three months and for up to six months if seeking employment. For the longer stay a person must register with the National Registry.
  • Citizens of countries outside the EEA who are relatives of an EEA citizen must apply for a residence card at the Directorate of Immigration within three months of their arrival in Iceland.



The process of applying for a Residence card:

  • Apply for an ID number (kennitala) at the National Registry.
  • Hand in a registration form and be photographed at the Directorate of Immigration or any District Commissioner's office.
  • Along with the Registration Form, the following documents must be submitted:
  • A photocopy of your passport.
  • Appropriate proof of family relationship, such as marriage certificate/birth certificate/death certificate/custody documents/divorce documents.


Non EEA/EU Residents

For residents of Non EEA/EU countries a valid pass is required for the duration of your stay. For information on passport and visa requirements, as well as the Schengen area regulations, visit the website: Link.




Everyone who works in Iceland must pay taxes. Taxes of wages of individuals are divided into Income tax to the state and Local tax for municipalities. Income tax is divided into steps and the tax percentage is dependent on the wages of the worker.  You can calculate your withholding tax based on your wage on the National Director of Taxation website www.rsk.is.  A company takes the withholding tax from the employee's wages but the employee is entitled to a fixed tax rebate (personal rebate) each month.  An employer cannot use the personal rebate granted by the tax card unless he has the tax card. More Information: Link.


Tax Card

Tax cards are issued by the tax authorities in Iceland. A citizen of an EEA state who moves his legal residence to Iceland receives a tax card when his legal residence is registered with the Icelandic National Registry. Paid taxes are stated on the pay slip. Please, make sure to keep the payslips safe, so you can prove that taxes have been paid.


Tax Return

Each employee who pays taxes in Iceland must submit a tax return every year, usually in March. On the tax return you show total wages received of the previous year, along with debts and assets. The tax return form should be submitted online – www.skattur.is. You can find a Tax form on the website of the National Director of Taxation in different languages - link.



While you are looking for permanent housing you can live in a temporary accommodation, such as guesthouse or hostel:

  • Youth Hostel (Farfuglaheimilio),
  • The Salvation Army Guesthouse.

Local rental agencies: Ieiga, Rentus, Husaleiga.

Online Adverts: Visir, MBL (Look for "Húsnæði í boði").

*Note that all the websites are in Icelandic.


Useful Links

Things to Do: Visit Iceland,

Practical Information: Discover Iceland.