15 years of consulting in niche markets


Being a preferred supplier to PTC Consulting we are looking for consultants for the following positions opened:


Principle Consultant Project Manager
Technical Architect Program Manager
Application Architect Learning Consultant
Learning Architect  


Areas of work:

PLM Global Quality / WQS             Change and Configuration Manager
PLM Global Platforms (PDMLink, PjL, Creo View)                                               MCAD Data Management (Catia Workgroup Manager, Creo Workgroup Manager - Integration)
PLM Global Product Development (PDMLink) ECAD Data Management (Cadence, Zuchen, Metrop Worpgroups Manager - integration)
PLM Project Management (PjL) Options & Variants (PDMlink - modular approach) / TDD /HDIC / Configurable DMU (E-Bom mgmt, PDMLink, Creo View)
PLM Enterprise Validation and Review (PDMLink, PjL, Creo View) Clash Management / Verificatoin and Validation (PDMLink, Creo View)
PLM (Manufacturing Process Management (MPM Link) Manufacturing Planning (MPM Link) / CAM Integration (MCAD Workgroup Manager)
PLM Unique Device Identification (Medical Devices) Part Reuse /Classification / SUMA / Analytic (WPA) / Compliance
PLM Process Value Assessment Business Report Generation (Cognos, ThingWorks)
ESI Integration (Integration between PDMLink and other ERPs - SAP, Oracle,etc.) RequirenmentsLink (Integrity Lifecycle Manager and Windchill PDMLink)
WebPart for Sharepoint Architecture / Infrastructure
PTC Service Bus Business Admin (parametrization)
Info*ENGINE (customization) Core PDMLink System and Business Admin
Customization ERP Connector Integration
Upgrade Migration / WBM (Windchill Bulk Migrator)
Installation Talend (Migration tool -external PTC)
Rehosting Performance Tuning
System Runtime (Customization) Oracle DB


ALM Systems Requirenments and Validation Integrity Software Management
ALM Global Software Development Integrity Modeller
ALM Systems Engineering Infrastructure
ALM Process Value Assessment Upgrade / Migration
Integrity Requirenments and Validation Integrations - Doors / SE Modellers / Windchi;; /PTC Service Bus
Performance Tuning ALM Customization


SLM Technical Information SLM Operations Process Value Assessment (SVG)
SLM Service Parts Information Arbortext IsoDraw
SLM Service Knowledge Management Arbortext Editor
SLM Service Parts Management for A+D Arbortext Publishing Engine
SLM Service Parts Pricing CREO Illustrate
SLM Service Depot Management Service Information Manager
SLM Service Network Management Inservice MRO (Engima)
SLM Warranty / Contract Management Inservice TCD (Engima)
SLM Process Value Assessment S1000D
SLM Customization Integrations - PTC Service Bus
Upgrade / Migration Performance Tuning


SCM Components /Supplier Management SCM Process Value Assessment (WPA)
SCM Conflict Minerals SCM Process Value Assessment (Retail)
SCM Materials Compliance WPA - Relex (old)
SCM Retail PLM Windchill PartsLink and Classification



Smart Connected Products Cloud
Connected Manufacturing Big Data Analysis
IoT Process Value Assessment Dashboards / Mash - up
Sensor Connectivity ThingWorX
Edge Servers (Agents) Axeda
Transportation Layer Augumented Reality


CAD Design CAD Manufacturing
CAD Concept CAD Multi-CAD
CAD Analysis CAD Visualization
Direct Core Modelling / Drafting CREO Value Assesment
Schematic app (include WGM) Parametric Core Modelling / Drafting
Layout App Parametric Surfacing (ISDX / Freestyle, REX)
Simulate Structure / Thermal / Vibration Parametric Cabling / Piping
MathCAD Parametric MCAD Integration
View MCAD (and Adapters) Parametric ECAD Integration
View ECAD (and Adapters) Parametric Interfaces (STEP/ IGES / IDD)
Interference Management Service Parametric Options Modeller
Optegra Parametric Manufacturing
CADDS Other CAD Systems



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