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When you move to Sweden, one of the first things you will probably recognize is the egalitarian spirit prevalent in the country. While Sweden used to be a significant military power throughout the 17th century, it has, in fact, not participated in a war in over two hundred years.

Once you arrive, you will discover that there is a lot more to this Scandinavian country than the welcoming nature of its citizens. Beautiful archipelagos, breathtaking coastlines and vibrant cities await expatriates in Sweden.


People and Culture

Sweden is famous for its calm and often introverted people. What many expatriates moving to Sweden perceive as shyness, however, mostly stems from a strong sense of politeness and rationality. Although most Swedes do not like to draw attention to themselves, individualism is strong, especially among younger generations.

You may soon realize, though, that the younger generation is not that large in Sweden. In fact, at the age of 41, Swedish people have a rather high median age with a high life expectancy to boot. Sweden’s population itself is not that big, though, with only a little over 9.7 million inhabitants. That’s why you will find a lot of open space, and peace and serenity when moving to Sweden




There is a massive housing shortage in Sweden with inflated rents, because the demand in certain locations where industries are located is very high. Due to this we aim to help you with housing and make your relocation process as smooth as possible.There is nothing available in central locations and there is a waiting list of minimum 4 years to get a flat from housing developers who rent apartment.Landlords will only rent a place for a person who has a Person ID. In order to get a Person ID, you need to have a residential address in Sweden, hence we need to provide you with accommodation for the first months. We will prepay a deposit and the first month rent for you, which then will be deducted from you wages.To get a Person ID will take you 3-6 months.  When you get the Person ID you can decide to look for your own apartment, however be prepared to pay double cost, as there is an immense shortage of places. Based on the statistics there are about 150 people for 1 apartment in Sweden. Please, be aware some landlords do not allow pets in the flat.  If you decided to bring a pet with you, please be aware the pet needs to have a valid passport and be mentioned on the application.


Daily living break down based on single person per month:

  • Rent: 4500-10,000 SEK.
  • Travel: 1600.00 SEK.
  • Work lunch at local cafes: 1600.00 SEK.  
  • Food at Home: 6000.00 SEK.
  • Going out on the Weekends: 8000 SEK
  • General Expenses: 5000 SEK.





Taxation System in Sweden

  • If you are a an employee paid from ICEURO you are obliged to pay all social tax fees: national insurance, pension, and other fees for yourself.
  • You will have to sign the Agreement SKV 4738 “Socialavgiftsavtal” (Social security contribution agreement) and send it to the Statteverket, a Swedish Tax Office.
  • Agreement SKV 4738 “Socialavgiftsavtal” is an agreement between employer and employee, that the employee has got paid out even the social contribution (e.g. 21.77% for 2016) on top of the gross salary. This has to be paid then to the Swedish Skatteverket by the employee. Additional information is on the link.
  • You will also receive a letter from ICEURO, where you must agree that you agreed to pay social contribution described above.  If you don't pay your social contribution, we will hold your salary payments until it is done. We will ask you for the evidence that the contribution payments are up to date on a monthly basis, as we have to show this proof to the customer.
  • According to Swedish supply chain law the end customer is responsible for social contribution payments of its employees.  If an emplyee avoids paying taxes Swedish tax authorities will demand this amount from the end customer. Therefore, the customer requires from us to provide evidences of your payments.


EU Nationals/British Nationals/US Nationals

EU Nationals are subject to Swedish Taxation if you are in the country for more than 3 months. If you are commuting on a weekly basis and work over 3 months you are a subject to Swedish taxation, as this is deemed as your main income and place of work. Sweden does not recognise 183 days’ rule anymore. Any British Nationals need to have Swedish AB on commencement of any contracts. The payments are only made in Sweden, not to any UK Ltd company. This is the only business process we operate for British contractors.



Single Status People

ICEURO prefer single status people for Sweden due to difficulties of finding a place to live in Sweden and high living costs. There are no flats for families in Sweden or they are very expensive. If your partner does not have a profession she/he won’t be able to find a job in Sweden and this won't be profitable for you to move to Sweden.

We may consider a person with a family, but only if we agreed that a partner stays in home country for 12 months. Once you establish yourself in Sweden and save some funds you may consider to move your family to Sweden.


EU Nationals ONLY!

ICEURO only consider applicants who hold an EU Passpot and have the right to work in EU countires. Applicants from non-EU countries can apply with us, but are required to apply for their own Work Permit for  a Self-Emploloyed person. To get an information on how to apply for a Self-Employed Visa to Sweden, please check the link: Skatteverket Immigration Office.


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