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Taxation in Sweden

Tax Obligations in Sweden 

If you are a an employee paid from ICEURO you are obliged to pay all social tax fees: national insurance, pension, and other fees for yourself.

You will have to sign the Agreement SKV 4738 “Socialavgiftsavtal” (Social security contribution agreement) and send it to the Statteverket, a Swedish Tax Office. Here you can download the Agreement Form.

Agreement SKV 4738 “Socialavgiftsavtal” is an agreement between employer and employee, that the employee has got paid out even the social contribution (e.g. 21.77% for 2016) on top of the gross salary. This has to be paid then to the Swedish Skatteverket by the employee.  For more information, please check the link.

You will also receive a letter from ICEURO where you must agree that you agreed to pay social contribution described above.  If you don't pay your social contribution, we will hold your salary payments until it is done. We will ask you for the evidence that the contribution payments are up to date on a monthly basis, as we have to show this proof to the customer.

According to Swedish supply chain law the end customer is responsible for social contribution payments of its employees.  If an emplyee avoids paying taxes Swedish tax authorities will demand this amount from the end customer. Therefore, the customer requires from us to provide evidences of your payments.