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TCMS Train Control and Management System

TCMS (Train Control and Management System),  which consists of the following :  

  • Train control and command 
  • Train safety 
  • Maintenance 
  • Passenger Information Systems 
  • Passenger Comfort system  
  • Video surveillance 
  • Train to wayside data transfer

All the electronic equipment, traditional train wiring and activators are connected to central processor units. The role of these central TCMS calculators is to merge the traditional wiring and more complicated electronics to reach the required train function.

The role of TCMS team is to program the Applicative Software of the central calculators and make sure the requested behaviour of the related train-systems is achieved.


Activities inside the TCMS team are split in different area: 

  1. Development  
  2. Validation 
  3. Train Support


TCMS gives an opportunity to  see many train environment aspects,  functions and interfaces.

TCMS gives an opportunity to  have a challenging job and variety in everyday work but always surrounded with train environment and functions.

TCMS Activities : Development

Developing TCMS Applicative Software consists of achieving the required systems functions in accordance with the train requirements.
Development activities include the following:

  • Requirement management 
  • Configuration and change management of the software releases 
  • Software specification  
  • Software coding  
  • Software integration, sanity check and unitary tests
  • Processes and tools optimisations

During developing TCMS software engineers interface with many different teams, including Train System teams, Train Architects, Project Management, TCMS Validation teams and Safety teams. 

Depending on the role in the Development Team, you require a very good knowledge of the train environment or represent an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge on it.

TCMS Activities : Validation and Train Support

TCMS Validation and Verification Engineers ensure that the Applicative Software development into the TCMS department correspond the required behaviour. This has to be confirmed in nominal and degraded scenarios.
Validation activities include:  

  • Requirement management/Test management 
  • Configuration and change management of the software  releases 
  • Software Specification Verification 
  • Tests specifications and scripting 
  • Software review/Code review 
  • Supporting Software integration on trains 
  • Processes and tools optimisations  
  • Release note restriction

During validating TCMS software, team usually works together with engineers from the departments of Development, Train Integration and Project Management.  

Validation is a very good entry point to be connected with the functional behaviour of trains.

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