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Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 Is Great News for Business Users

Microsoft is re-defining how business is performed in the post-modern ERP era.  Industry analysts Gartner define the goal of a postmodern ERP and CRM strategy “is to use the best applications possible in each particular area, while ensuring they adequately integrate with each other when necessary.”  


Customer relations management

If your business thrives on longstanding relationships with clients or customers, then CRM software is great for maintaining those relationships and nurturing new ones. Dynamic 365's CRM application organizes customers' contact information, but it does much more by fielding key information and helping you make sales decisions. When reviewing the leads you want to convert into sales opportunities, you want as much information as possible about needs, behavior and other consumer intelligence.

CRM also plays a role in your company's marketing and customer service. Marketing teams use the stats generated by CRM to make decisions on materials and campaigns, then to track the results. Customer service reps use it to look up critical information about a customer when assisting them. Dynamic's customer service interface allows reps to quickly pull up information, such as customer history, trending issues and past interactions.

The most important aspect is that information recorded from any team, such as customer service, can be shared with the other departments, such as sales. This information-sharing can not only assist other employees in your organization but ultimately improve customer retention. Dynamics 365 allows you to customize how data is gathered and displayed, with graphs and other visual representations.


Financial management and operations

Any business owner is likely familiar with organizing their business's expenses, revenue, inventory and other assets. Dynamics 365 can make this task easier with its financial management applications that help you keep track of budgets, make projections, plus it offers other bookkeeping functions.

The inventory manager allows you to track your supply chain and lets you know what's in stock at any given time. Dynamics 365 extrapolates trend data to predict when you'll need more of a certain item and will advise you when it's time to order. This ties into a purchasing application so you can be sure that you're staying on budget when ordering new inventory. Invoices and orders are saved and organized. Other expenses, such as equipment, labor and leases, are factored in as well.

Another logistical aspect Dynamics 365 can help you with is human resources. The talent module allows you to organize potential new hires, track of employee performance and set goals.


Here's the complete list of applications in the Business Edition:

  •    Dynamics 365 for Sales
  •   Dynamics 365 for Marketing
  •   Dynamics 365 for Financials


Applications in the Enterprise Edition include:

  •   Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights
  •   Dynamics 365 for Customer Service
  •   Dynamics 365 for Field Service
  •   Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation
  •   Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
  •   Dynamics 365 for Retail
  •   Dynamics 365 for Talent


Bottom line

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful suite of tools that can help you organize and run your business, with applications to handle nearly every aspect of your business. Even the Business Edition, by itself, is a good CRM program and operations tracker. You can sign up for individual modules to fill your business's needs; however, the seamless sharing of data allows all modules to work better cohesively and allows you and your employees to better collaborate.


Sources: Business News Daily, 2018; Hitachi Solutions, 2018.


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Friday Mar 9, 2018