15 years of consulting in niche markets

About Us

ICEURO Ltd is a recruitment consultancy, based in London and providing resources to multiple IT, Digital, SAP and Telecoms partners in Europe and Nordics.


We specialise in 12 areas:

  1. SAP
  2. Infor
  3. Oracle
  4. Digital Developers Apps & Gaming
  5. IT Solution Architects
  6. Telecoms & Embedded Systems
  7. DevOps
  8. Microsoft Applications
  9. Banking and Hedge Fund Technology
  10. Cyber Security
  11. IT Project Managers
  12. MSP, Diversity & Inclusion.


We specialize in niche markets: Norway, Sweden and Switzerland, countries with the most competitive salaries and the best working and living conditions in the world. We offer competitive rates and long-term contracts.

We specialise in delivering fresh talents: We explain a realistic package with salaries, spendings and market rates. Our speciality is to get first time contractors to the market. We have zero % turnover of contract staff to our customers with an open policy of margins.

We have ongoing needs for: Front End Developers, Back End Developers, Full Stack Developers, .Net Developers, Java Developers, UI Designers, UX Designers, ASIC/FPGA Engineers, RF IC Designers, Cloud Developers, iOS Developers, Android Developers, Test Engineers, COBOL Mainframe Developers and other IT Professionals.

Why to choose us?

Personalized Approach: We are privately owned, medium size company, which allows us to work on a different from massive recruitment companies way. We have more time to work with people individually.   We don’t run for numbers, but focus on building long-term reliable relationships with both clients and applicants.

Focus on Long - Term Career: All our contracts could be long-term, depends on the career goals of applicants.  When we say 6 months we mean that the contract can be extended further for another 6 months. So in most cases, a consultant has its choice to continue a long-term career with a company or to stop it and go somewhere else. However, most of our consultants continue long-term with an average of 1-2 years at 1 customer, with some people staying for a very long-term from 5 years and longer.

Full Transparency of Work: We work with open margins and the process we operate is fully transparent.

Full Touch - Down Services: We help our consultants with relocation and establishment in new location. We will explain all legal aspects, covering taxation, migration and local laws and regulations. We will help you to find a cost-effective accommodation and to adjust to a new culture as quick as possible and to become a happy citizen. We keep our focus not only on satisfying our customer needs, but also on helping our candidate to make the right choice and to do a positive career move with an opportunity for growth and development.

If you are serious and well-experienced pofessional, who is looking for a contract or permanent job in Sweden, Norway or Switzerland, please Register your CV and we will get back to you as soon as we can!